Hello, Coconut Lime Jell-O!

So much pressure writing my first entry! How do you start these things so you pique people’s interests while keeping expectations at bay anyway? I guess I can start by welcoming you.

Welcome to my blog. I plan to explore food here – learning about it, making it, eating it – and share it all with you, dear reader. Well, mostly. Shall we get started?

I just got back from a 2-week vacation in New York where I constantly ate huge servings of ridiculously delicious food while telling myself that walking around the city will burn it all off, no worries. Let’s just say the walking wasn’t nearly as constant as the eating. I started my low-carb South Beach-y diet yesterday. I ate vegetable moussaka all day (more on this in a future post) and for dessert, I had coconut lime Jell-O.

I chanced upon this idea while going through a list of South Beach diet snacks online and thought, ‘Ooooh, I love coconut and lime body wash. I wanna eat it.’ Strange but true and happens often.

I couldn’t find sugar-free lime Jell-O as my diet would have liked so I just got the regular one. Dr. Agatston would have a cow but hey, he’d probably enjoy that. The recipe is super simple. Just prepare the lime Jell-O according to package instructions but replace half the water with coconut milk and refrigerate until set.

I’m pretty sure this shade of green doesn’t occur in nature. Unfortunately, it’s one that I associate with Monobloc chairs. But I guess the layering on top is pretty (did the creamy stuff go north?). I think I like the flavor. It’s still very bright and refreshing but with a creaminess in the end. I wish it tasted more coconut-y but that’s probably my fault – I was 150mL short on coconut milk to make up for exactly half of the water that was called for in the recipe. I also opted for light coconut milk since, you know, I’m on a diet. I added some toasted coconut to amp up the coconut flavor and I think it added some nice smokiness and crunch. Next time, I think I’ll use coconut cream. It will be like a coconut lime panna cotta. Exotic! Right now though, I can guarantee you that this tastes much better than the body wash.

Fun Food Fact: In the 1920’s, Jell-O’s flavors included celery, carrot, pumpkin and clear chocolate. My coconut lime Jell-O doesn’t seem so bad now, huh?


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  1. Love the blog Sam – you know, I am launching a new online international food and drink mag in 2012 made up of very many food bloggers and writers from all over the world – do you wish to contribute? I’d love you to be on-board – hugs to you and Gibb. (Steve in Spain).

  2. it didnt work for me! do you add 1/2 cup coconut milk then 1/2 cup cold water? I add 1 cup coconut milk and 1 cold water (after mixing the jello in the boiling water) and after a full night in the fridge the jello never firmmed, its just a watery mix! =(

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