Inception Cookies

The Inception cookie is a cookie within a cookie. My initial thoughts when I first saw them was UGH, THAT’S EXCESSIVE. Like I could get my fill of dessert just by looking at them. But it’s absolutely hilarious and I think that’s the only reason I made them.

For my Inception cookies, I used the soft chocolate chip cookie recipe on this blog and stuffed them with a bunch of different store-bought cookies. Here’s the cookie dough which has lots of chocolate chips and toasted walnuts. I halved the original recipe and used whole wheat flour because it’s all I had. That was probably a good thing what with the cookie overload that was about to ensue.

Once the cookie dough is ready, have the store-bought cookies unwrapped and ready to go. Go inside the cookie dough, that is.

Bake in an oven preheated to 175 C/350 F until golden brown, about 10-12 minutes.

Yes, my Inception cookies are ginormous. I gotta admit, biting into these cookies to find out what was inside was pretty fun.

Strawberry-Stuffed Oreo

I was slightly worried that this might be too much chocolate but it wasn’t and the strawberry flavor was a nice fresh twist.

Peanut Butter-Stuffed Vanilla Cookie

Aesthetically ho-hum but come on, peanut butter + chocolate is a no-brainer.

Chocolate Mallow Cookie

Fun to look at but waaaay too sweet. And now for a savory twist –

Butter Crackers With Bacon Spread

This one was my favorite. Savory sweet always wins! Makes me wanna do something with real bacon next time. And by next time I mean very far in the future – I felt pretty sick after eating four cookies.

Which is why I’m gonna do a Fun Movie Fact instead: The haunting song in Inception entitled Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien was sung by Edith Piaf, a character that was played by one of the movie’s stars Marion Cotillard. How Inception!


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  1. First of all… MAN!!! How do you keep that body looking “wheet-wew” and keep a food blog at the same time(of course, you gotta taste what you cook, di ba)? You should try bacon bits, chocolate chip cookies, I saw a recipe in Patty Laurel’s blog.

    And wow!!! I’ve watched both movies (The Edith Piaf movie, I saw during French Film Festival at Shang) That is sort of Inception-ish. 😀

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