In My Kitchen: Pizza Eggs!!!

I personally don’t feel the need to alter pizza. Was it famed food writer Jeffrey Steingarten who wrote that pizza is a perfect food? It seems like something he would say. A man after my own heart. In any case, I echo this sentiment.

I also really like pizza when it’s cold. I think I might even prefer it to when it’s warm and fresh. This isn’t true for all pizzas but it is true for Pizza Hut pizza and I would’ve gladly had my leftovers for breakfast today but then I remembered this clever article and I just had to try making pizza eggs.

Say “pizza eggs”. Don’t you already feel like you’re winning at life?

To make, I used:

About 2 T canola oil

1 slice leftover pizza with the crust cut off

2 eggs

Salt to taste

Freshly ground black pepper to taste

2 mozzarella sticks (more leftover gold!)

A drizzle of truffle oil


1. My go-to order at Pizza Hut is the Super Supreme with stuffed crust. For this recipe, I cut off the crust for a future binge.


2. Slice the pizza into bite-sized squares.


3. Whisk the eggs and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. I took it easy on the salt because the pizza is already pretty well-seasoned. Tip in the sliced pizza into the bowl. Let sit while getting the pan ready on medium heat. Swirl in the canola oil.


4. When the pan is ready, cook the pizza and egg mixture like you would scrambled eggs.



5. When done, you can top with grated cheese and dig in but I had some serious leftover stars aligning this morning. I found fried mozzarella sticks from dinner with the boyfriend a couple days ago. Whuuuut? Oh, yessss. 


I topped the pizza eggs with the warmed mozzarella sticks and finished with a drizzling of truffle oil because I’m sophisticated like that, daaahhhhling.



Not very sophisticated when I start to eat though.


I had this with grapefruit juice which was a great choice because this is quite rich. And with an abundance of hot sauce. So delicious and so worth the extra yoga class.


Fun Food Fact: Seen online: “Eating pizza once a week can reduce the risk of esophageal cancer.” I’m not certain if this is true but I would like to will it to be true by putting it on here.


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