#GoldilocksDYChristmas: Felizia The Snow Woman (Because Why Is It Always Snowman Anyway?)

When my friend Nicky asked me if I had any interest in decorating a Goldilocks cake, I said yes with zero hesitation – Goldilocks had sponsored a cooking show of mine a few years back and I am pretty well-acquainted with the product. I remembered it to be a really fun thing to do. And who says no to cake?

What I didn’t realize was that it’s a competition called Goldilocks Decorate Your Christmas with Goldilocks gift certificates at stake. What I thought would be a mindless good time now stirred something fierce and Godzilla-esque in me. It happens when words like “contest” and “prizes” are thrown around. So here’s the Christmas Decorate-Your-Cake kit that was sent to me:

insta shot

A blank canvas of a frosted yellow sponge cake and all the fun trimmings to decorate. A closer look at the assorted colored icing, sprinkles, and cake toppers in the form of pointsettia, holly, Christmas stars and balls:


So pretty and fun! I popped all the icing in the fridge to firm them up a little bit (I think this makes them easier to work with) and browsed online for inspiration. I decided on a snowman theme because I thought the white round cake was a perfect starting point. It also seemed doable with the decorating materials on hand.

I used Christmas stars for eyes (purple, a la Liz Taylor) and a Christmas ball for a nose (red, like how you look flushed when staying out in the cold). And I know I said snowman but what I really had in mind was a snow woman because no one ever says snow woman and why is that? I gave her plump pink lips by piping on pink icing. Hey, say that five times!

lip shot

It ended up looking like chapped lips. And I smudged a bit of the cake frosting with my hand and as you can see it kind of looks like dry skin. Chapped lips and dry skin are all very winter-y and Christmas-y, I suppose. Just keeping it all in theme, kids.

And then I realized that my cake was gonna be a piping-heavy one. This is akin to that Top Chef contestant who makes a dish he’s never made before during a Quickfire challenge – it is ridiculous and nonsensical because the first time I piped cream cheese frosting onto cupcakes it looked like spaghetti poop and not much has changed since. Painful evidence:

piping mess

Give me an A for ATROCIOUS.

But it was too late now. I couldn’t start from scratch without obviously ruining some of the frosting. Besides, I had even given her a name (Felizia) and it felt wrong to scrape off her face. I decided to commit and pipe her a pretty beanie.


I gave her beanie a pointsettia accent.


And finished off with sprinkles that are obviously supposed to be sequins, duh.


The real piping challenge however was writing on the side of the cake. Very tricky! But I also found it strangely therapeutic to do.

cool yule

That seemed like something a snow woman would say.

And make sure to include cake!

And make sure to include cake!

let it sno

How unfortunate, (s)no?

Whew! And so I present to you my finished cake called Felizia The Snow Woman (Because Why Is It Always Snowman Anyway?). I think it is a remarkable display of creativity, use of materials, and focused theme (the criteria for judging, HARHARHAR) as well as my personal feminist slant on things.

full shot full shot 2

Thank you for including me in this super fun activity, Goldilocks! I am fully expecting my GCs in the mail. Merry Christmas! ❤


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