Dining Out

Dining Out: Whiskey-Tasting at #RyeTastingRoom

❤️ that.

I’ve done all of ONE whiskey tasting prior to this and while I don’t think I have the super-palate for it (“Raisins? Pear? Vanilla? HUH? 😭”), it was an enjoyable experience that left me happily buzzed. This second one at Rye Tasting Room was no different – if anything, it was made even better by good food and company. Hardcore foodies and whiskey connoisseurs!

Photo grabbed from Spanky Enriquez’s Facebook page.

Speaking of food, we were served sumptuous bites of seared tuna, sliced bacon slab, chili fries, and what’s probably their version of gambas before the whiskey tasting started.

It’s never a good idea to drink on an empty stomach so fill up before you do! I felt really lucky being able to do that with beautiful and tasty food like this. My favorite was the seared tuna and chili fries. Mmm, chili fries. I would’ve just munched on you all night if our Glenlivet tasting flight hadn’t arrived.

So neat. (I didn’t intend that as a pun but “neat” refers to when you drink whiskey without ice.) I really do get a kick out of the whole tasting set-up.

Glenlivet is single malt Scotch whiskey meaning it was distilled in a single distillery in Scotland. I wish I could wow you by telling you about its mouth-feel and nuances in flavor but I’m such a newbie at this – save for very minimal differences in sweetness and smokiness, they all tasted pretty much the same to me. But here’s something interesting I picked up during the whiskey lecture given by Adrian Tecson: some alcohol is lost by evaporation during the maturation process of the whiskey and it’s called angels’ share. How poignant!

Let’s get back to more food. During the tasting, we had some super delicious and velvety chocolate truffles to go with one of the blends. I regret that I had only one.

Burgers and porchetta sandwiches were served at the tail end of the whiskey tasting. Yummy food before and after drinking. Me like.

The patty on the burger was dry and a bit tough to chew but the porchetta was juicy and made even more flavorful by caramelized onions and something like chimichurri.

I could really get used to this! And hopefully I’ll get to develop my whiskey palate. Thank you so much for inviting Spanky, cheers!

Rye Tasting Room is located at 2F Antel Corporate Center 121 Valero St. Salcedo Village, Makati (Ponti! Ring a bell?). You can call them at 553 9971.


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