Yummy Finds: Indulgence By Irene

This is really more like a friggin’ delicious find but it’s very nifty how a favorite classic has been given new life with different flavors by someone who claims she’s not even much of a dessert person.

I met Irene during a whiskey tasting I did a few days ago at Rye. I had heard of Indulgence by Irene thanks to a few posts that had popped up on my Instagram and Facebook feeds but I had no clue the friendly and warm lady seated in front of me was that Irene until another person in the group started raving about her coffee with Bailey’s cheesecake.

Irene started baking her own cheesecake because she couldn’t find one that quite suited her taste. I know now that she likes it real-deal cheesy and creamy with no shortcuts, no fake-y stuff and a lot of imagination. It still doesn’t really make sense to me that she’s not a dessert person.

She may not be into sweets but Irene is a sweetheart – shortly after our first meeting, she sent over 4 of her cheesecakes. I nearly cried tears of joy.

For the sole purpose of research, I subjected my taste buds to all 4 flavors in one sitting.



The matcha flavor starts out subtle, probably because the cheese rounds it out, but it builds toward the end and lingers as an aftertaste. It even leaves a bit of astringency behind. If you don’t like your cheesecake too sweet, this is your matcha made in heaven.

Choc Nut 

The next time I make cheesecake I’m gonna top it with some crumbled Choc Nut, that’s what I’ll do. So delicious and nostalgic.

Coffee with Bailey’s

Like a really good shot of sweetened and sexified espresso with the creamiest cheesecake, the raved-about cheesecake flavor is worth the hype.

Queso de Bola 

I tried making queso de bola cheesecake once and thought it pretty delicious. Now I know there’s much room for improvement. Irene’s is loaded with the stuff – in grated form and maybe even in melted form, I can’t be sure. It’s intensely cheesy with a lightly salty finish. It wasn’t an easy decision but this is my favorite. But maybe that’s premature. There’s ube, calamansi, Early Grey, corn, tablea, and orange bourbon flavors to consider.

Regardless of flavor, I think it’s Irene’s very cheesy and creamy base cheesecake that makes every flavor so delicious. No gelatin here, thank the cheesecake gods! I’m also all about the substantial and sturdy graham crust.

Get some legen-dairy cheesecake into your life. You can place your orders through 0922 830 3900 or 0917 622 5800 and keep yourself updated on everything Indulgence-by-Irene on Facebook.


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  1. Yay! I’m on THE Sam Oh’s blog kahit na anonymous lang! ;)) I knew you’d like the Coffee with Bailey. I’m also positive you’ll like the orange bourbon, having seen the way you guzzled the whiskey in front of me haha! Joke. Whatever 1,001 dang diet I may be on, as soon as thoughts of Irene’s yummy cheesecakes pop into mind, wala na sira na ang diet! @_@ Hope to sit across from you again soon Sam! :-*

    • Hahahahah Jane!!! You are so cute and funny 🙂 Everyone, this is the lady who was raving about the coffee with Bailey’s cheesecake! I hope to see you soon, Jane! 🙂

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