Beauty: #ShuUemura’s Shu:Palette & Tsuya Skin UV Under Base Mousse

I’ve never done a make up post so I’m experiencing the blog equivalent of equal parts stage fright and giddiness right now. I’m not sure if I’ve ever even publicly professed that I like make up, that I have a kikay girly-girl side. Well, I do! It’s fun!

And I like doing my own face. I guess I’ve learned from experiences with make up artists who, while meaning well, made me look like a completely different person and not in a good way. I know my face best so I decided to take control. I’m no Michelle Phan but I’ve learned a lot in the process of taking the reins (and the brushes and the palettes). I’m still learning and I wanna share with you stuff I encounter along the way. Apir, kikay girl!

So. In the past 2 days, I hosted two events for Listerine that involved being outdoors during the day and in the vicinity of a stove.


Cooking demo, healthy yummy food, freebies. Step Up Your Food Trip with Listerine was a lot of fun. Thank you for having me!

These factors do not make for the most ideal environment for a made up face unless your idea of ideal is your face melting all day. What I wanted for these events was light make up with good and lasting coverage. I used two Shu Uemura products to achieve that and that’s what I wanted to share with you today.

First, I did away with foundation and instead went with the UV Under Base Mousse from the Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin line.

hanoi street

Essentially, this is a primer. I’m so tickled that it’s in mousse form, like hair mousse not the potted mousse! When you apply it to skin, it eventually settles like cream. Make sure to apply gently and spread evenly. I didn’t need a whole lot, the amount below was enough. I suggest you start out with a little bit and build from there.

hanoi street-2

There’s a light peach tint to this product so you might have to correct it a little bit if you have a darker complexion but it delivers on the promise of smoother-, finer-looking skin. The finish is dewy. I find the dewy look so pretty but I’m not sure I manage to pull it off well – I think my combination skin just looks oily. So I topped the primer with my everyday face powder and made sure to retouch my T-zone before stepping out and throughout the day.

Because my events were during the day and I just wanted to look fresh, I went with the light brown smokey eye using the Shu:Palette. This isn’t available in stores yet but it will be in April. Only three more sleeps!

hanoi street-4

I love the Shu:Palette SO. MUCH. It has all the colors of my personal smokey eye rainbow. I hear the colors were handpicked for Asian skin tones, too.

hanoi street-5

The long double tip brush gave me a lot of control.

I also needed my eye make up to last under the sun and heat. My Shu:Palette smokey eyes lasted until well after the event and into dinner out with the folks. Yay!

hanoi street-1

Earthy nude-y tones in matte and pearlescent shades. ❤

Here’s my finished look. This is pretty much my go-to face with varying degrees of vampiness.

hanoi street-3

On a completely unrelated note, my selfie game sucks. I’m incapable of taking a decent one without my phone in the shot with me. My apologies. Let me know of your selfie tips. Make up tips, too. Would love to hear about your favorite products and techniques! 🙂


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