Beauty: Prepping for #BESTofBESTPH2015 with #ShuUemura

I hosted a huge K-Pop concert last Sunday called Best of Best in the Philippines that had Red Velvet, BTOB, Girls’ Generation, and Super Junior on one stage and it was nuts.

Photo grabbed from @kyongjee on Instagram.

Photo grabbed from @kyongjee on Instagram

I love a crowd that goes wild and Philippine Arena went wild alright. I myself felt pretty giddy when Super Junior came on. I didn’t know I had a K-Pop fan girl in me! I’m pretty sure my favorite Kang-In and I had a moment while I was translating backstage. You know, the kind of moment he has no idea about.


They should just rename themselves Super Cute.

I almost always do my own make up for the events I host but for the huge stage and bright lights of Philippine Arena, I felt like I needed a little help. So on the day of the show, I swung by the Shu Uemura store at Shangri-La Mall to see artist Marcy Flores.


My barefaced before shot:


Before Marcy started with make up, a lady named Glecy prepped my skin. I understand this to be a pivotal part of the Shu Uemura way. Step one was Shu Uemura cleansing oil.


The cleansing oil is undoubtedly Shu Uemura’s most popular product and I love the stuff but my orientation for this is really more as a make up remover so I was surprised that this came first. Glecy applied this to my face with a cotton pad then did another round with water to emulsify it all while explaining that the cleansing oil helps to keep skin moisturized. That means, not only will it keep my skin from drying out throughout the day and under the harsh lights but my make up will last longer too because make up adheres better to moisturized skin. Aha!

She followed this with two more products from the Tsuya Skin line.


The Tsuya Skin line is all about fine, porcelain skin.

Glecy finished by gently tapping my skin for a bit to make sure everything was well-absorbed. It was a like a mini massage and I had to fight the urge to go lie down somewhere.

Marcy took over and started with Shu Uemura Stage Performer Glow Creator.


This is a base for that glowing dewy look which I’m not very big on (because I think it just makes me look oily) but I think I’m in love with this one. When used with the right products, I think this will give you just enough glow for things to look youthful and healthy. The right products for me were the Lightbulb UV Compact Foundation for face and Nobara Cream Cover Stick for under the eyes and the corners of my nose.


The coverage on this is really good but it feels so light, it sits like second skin.

From here, let me just share with you some highlights and my favorite of the products we used that day.

Like this Hard Formula eyebrow pencil. This is the Naginata way of cutting the eyebrow pencil at Shu Uemura. Makes sense to me!


‘Naginata’ means sword cutting.

Marcy used a cream shadow as a base for my brown smokey eye. (We used the Shu:Palette, remember that?) I also like to use a creamy shadow before applying pressed eye shadow for my eye make up to last longer.


A fierce eye needs to be balanced out with a soft lip so Marcy went for a nude-y pink shade of Lacque Supreme.


I love this lip lacquer line! There are tons of long-lasting highly pigmented shades plus the formula is water-based so it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy.

To contour and blush, Marcy used these shades.


If your skin has warm or yellow undertones like mine, a peachy shade like this blush would be flattering on you. If you don’t know what skin tone you have, take this short quiz to find out.

Well-defined lashes add so much to a dramatic eye and a huge stage calls for mega-volume. Marcy chose the luxe black false lashes.


Criss-crossed lashes make for a fuller look.

For a final touch of hydration, Marcy spritzed my face with Shu Uemura Depsea Water.


Whew! And here’s the final look.


I wish I could show you pictures of how it looked on stage but I didn’t get to take pictures. But I absolutely loved how everything felt so light and my skin looked moist and glow-y until the end of the show. And everything stayed in place! I just had to retouch with powder on my T-zone a couple of times and re-apply my lipstick.

Thank you, Glecy – I wanted you in this shot but you were busy with a customer and I didn’t wanna be rude and drag you away.

Marcy, you’re brilliant and I appreciated very much how you were open to my preferences throughout the session. Thank you.

Shu Uemura, Lurve. You.


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