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In The Metro: Staycation With Mom at #TheMarriott

I was invited to stay at The Manila Marriott last week and decided to take my Mom for a little girly sleepover not realizing that it was leading up to Mother’s Day. Oh, when the stars align! I was so giddy at the thought of spoiling my Mom and counted the days until I got to step into this lobby while holding her hand.



I thought this lobby bar looked like an enchanted forest.  ❤️

After the warmest welcome by hotel staff, we were led to our Executive Suite on the eighth floor and treated to welcome drinks and cold wet towels to freshen up.


Hi, Mom! Is she praying? She’s praying. She does that.


The welcome drink on right was a delicious tropical concoction of mango, orange, and pineapple juices.

Let me show you around the room! It was very spacious with one bedroom and one and a half bathrooms.


Sliding doors on either side of this room give you the option of privacy.


The master bath. I’m most particular about the bathroom and this one passed with flying colors! (Hi, me!)


You can put down the blinds if you don’t feel like dazzling your roomie with your shower.

After ooh-ing and aah-ing around our home for the night, Mom and I decided to grab a bite. Dining options are plentiful at The Marriott. Aside from the restaurants in the hotel, The Marriott is directly connected to Resorts World Manila and Newport Mall where you can eat, shop, and entertain yourself. I would’ve loved to check out all of it with my Mom but we really just wanted a quick snack so we went to the Executive Lounge which is also on the eighth floor.


The use of the Executive Lounge is available to all guests for a fee. It’s a cozy space with a view of the nearby Villamor Golf Course. A wide selection of yummy snacks and beverages are available from 6AM – 12MN.



I sipped on a legit latte with some chocolate chip cookies while my Mom feasted on fruit. I love how this lounge provides a more private and quiet space away from the main lobby. You can even check in and out of the hotel here! If you’re in town for business, the use of the Executive Lounge also comes with use of the conference room for two hours.

There’s much to do in and around The Marriott but my Mom and I were so comfy and nicely settled in already that we didn’t really feel like leaving the premises. I knew that we had to hit one place to make my Mom happy though and that’s always the sauna. It is my Mom’s dream to have a sauna built into her home one day, no joke.


Like a moth to a flame. WAIT UP, FOO.

The health club is on the second floor. The pool, gym, and spa are all around this area as well. A look inside the locker room where the sauna facilities are located:


The locker room is well-stocked with plush and soft towels.


Everything in its place. So tidy, so clean!


To the right of this area are the steam room and sauna.


Jacuzzi to soak the stress away!

The sauna facilities are open until 10 and we shut the place down! Mom was in heaven.

Between snacks at the Executive Lounge and this trip to the sauna, my Mom and I had a fantastic three-course dinner at the award-winning in-house restaurant CRU Steakhouse. We also tried the buffet breakfast the next morning at Marriott Cafe. We enjoyed the food so much that I decided to dedicate separate posts for them. Coming very soon! When you read those two posts, you’ll understand why my Mom and I had to take a second trip to the sauna the next day.

And why we ended the night collapsing in bed still full but sighing with happiness. With face mask sheets on. That’s always a good idea after steaming your face. 


BOO! 👻

I am so thankful to the Marriott staff, everyone was so accommodating and helpful. Special thanks go out to Aimee Lagman, a ray of sunshine. Most important of all, I am now the golden child in my Mom’s eyes and no longer my brother. For that I am eternally grateful.

The Manila Marriott Hotel is located at 10 Newport Blvd., Newport City Complex, Pasay City. For inquiries and reservations, you can call (02) 988 9999 or visit the website. You can keep yourself posted on everything Manila Marriott by following their Facebook page or their Twitter and Instagram at @marriottmanila.


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