In My Kitchen: My #MarksAndSpencer Mother’s Day Spread

To solidify my new golden child status in the family, I whipped up a pretty and tasty Mother’s Day brunch. By ‘whip up’ I mean I assembled stuff I picked up from a store, mostly from Marks and Spencer – I was at the Greenbelt 5 branch a couple of days ago by their gracious and generous invitation to shop with and for my Mom.


There are so many beautiful choices at Marks and Spencer but I particularly liked this easy breezy pick.

So yeah, we were supposed to be shopping for clothes and I was so thrilled to be doing this but then I got told that I could swing by the food section too and I had to take a moment to steady my foodie cardiac arrest. I mean, have you been?? The food section of Marks and Spencer is like a little gourmand market stocked with high quality everything from chocolate creations to bottled sauces to frozen meals to wine to oh my god oh my god. I don’t even know how I managed to choose anything but I did and I woke up early today to put together three courses of easy-peasy yumminess.

Appetizer/Salad Course


I did a quick grocery run for mixed greens to be dressed in Rich Balsamic Dressing (P275) which is made with Modena balsamic vinegar (that means traditional and top quality balsamic) and extra virgin olive oil. The dressing is quite thick, a little too thick to dress delicate greens, so I opted to water it down a bit and even then the flavors were very potent – tart and slightly sweet. In my “bread basket” are Oat Cakes (P145), Cheese Twists (P155), and Crispbread (P120) to be had with the Supersexy Kesong Puti Spread I made a couple of weeks ago.


Oh yes, a little update on that! I was a little concerned because I noticed that a cloudy liquid had settled in the bottom. I think the brine separated while the cheese was marinating. So aesthetically there’s that but the cheese turned crumblier and the flavors are wonderful!


It goes really well with all the crisps, a perfect textural and flavor backdrop for your favorite cheeses, but my favorite was the Cheese Twists (all butter pastry + Grueyere!) because cheese on cheese spells L-O-V-E. Lest it all got too rich, I served with a chilled bottle of Prosecco (P995) – crisp and festive!

Main Course


My most Earth-shaking challenge today was boiling Egg Tagliatelle (P310 for 500g) and making sauce using Four Cheese Pasta Sauce (P295). The four cheeses in the sauce are pecorino, grana padano, fontal, and mascarpone and it’s yummy stuff you could simply heat up but I had a can of mushroom soup lying around and I couldn’t resist mixing the two to make a cheesy mushroom sauce.


I topped with cubed Danish Lean Ham (P495) and served with truffle oil on the side because while I adore it, my Mom has yet to acquire a taste for it. I chose a Rosé (P650) for this course because it’s summery and girly and, I don’t know, there’s something about rosé that I find special. This pasta was Mom’s favorite and she didn’t even have it with truffle oil. I did and it was bomb.



It looks fancy-schmancy but all I did was brew green tea (a box from Marks and Spencer I had at home) and plate some Viennese Sandwich (P310), All Butter Scottish Shortbread (P150), Milk Chocolate Tea Cakes (P300), and Biscuit Curls (P200)!


The Viennese Sandwich – buttery biscuits sandwiching milk chocolate – is an old favorite that I regularly pick up. The Milk Chocolate Tea Cakes have mallow inside atop a crumbly cocoa base and it all comes together with just the right amount of sweetness. The Biscuit Curls are crisp with a delicate vanilla flavor. My mom liked the simple but decadent All Butter Scottish Shortbread best.

And that, ladies and gents, is my Marks and Spencer Mother’s Day spread. I would take a bow but this was so easy to put together, I felt like I was just un-boxing stuff most of the time. But everything was so delicious and my Mom enjoyed every bite and I am certain now that I am her favorite child so thank you, Marks and Spencer!

Find out more about Marks and Spencer and find a store near you by checking out the website or the Marks and Spencer Philippines Facebook page


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  1. This was a great post. I love Marks and Spencer but your enthusiasm is outstanding: “The food section of Marks and Spencer is like a little gourmand market stocked with high quality everything from chocolate creations to bottled sauces to frozen meals to wine to oh my god oh my god”. It made me laugh out loud in my classroom! Good thing no students are here!

      • I am doing well in Korea. I really like living here. But after 3 years, I am missing my homeland and so will return this summer. But man, I’ll miss Korea!

      • Wow, it’s about time you got a little homesick no? I miss Korea too and plan to visit in the fall. I’m glad you’re having a good time over there! Safe travels always 😊

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