Beauty: Bohk Toh False Eyelashes & Nippon White Ginger Hand Care Kit

Some really fantastic beauty products came my way last month and I wanted to do a favorites post but there’s just too much to cover! This is a good problem. Please just know that this is the first of several that I have lined up. I’m excited to share it all with you!

False lashes feel like old friends to me. I’ve been using them for years and I can always rely on them to add drama and glamour to my look. I might wear them for special occasions or when I just feel like playing up my eyes in “real life” but they’re an absolute must when I’m working.

If you’ve never tried them, they’re really quite fun! Just don’t overdo it so as to look like you have spiders for eyes. I did. Years ago, while hosting Nigel Barker’s press conference no less! Will not dig up pictures, thankyouverymuch. Well, actually, it would be hilarious if I could find said shot but I can only find one where I look decent on a separate event with him.


Now if you’ve never tried falsies because you feel like you wouldn’t get the hang of it, sure you will! As with anything, practice makes perfect. I got so used to wearing them I was putting them on in moving cars at some point.

So another one of these work things happened about two weeks ago. Nobu Hotel celebrated its grand launch in City of Dreams and I hosted the red carpet portion of the festivities. It was a pretty big event with Chef Nobu and Robert de Niro in attendance. Chef Nobu. Robert de-friggin’-Niro. I had known about the gig about a month prior but only found out the day before that those two would be there. I freaked out. I wanted va-va-voom everything.

Enter Bohk Toh False Eyelashes. Because for serious glamour, I need serious lashes.


Styles P-063 and J-202.

Actually, the main thing is that lush lashes make me feel pretty and when I feel pretty I’m more confident. When I’m confident, I rock. We all do! I guess that’s the philosophy behind most if not all beauty products. Going back to these babies, they’re not just fabulous but they’re also feather-light. And there’s a ton of styles to choose from. I went with J-202 on the night of the event.


I had my hair done up by Rudolph Davalos and let Shu Master Patrick Alcober do his thang with my face. I’ve run to a Shu Master before and didn’t regret it. Certainly didn’t this time.


I wore this dress by designer Mark Bumgarner styled by John Rufo and there’s my finished look!


My friend Gibb loved this dress and thought I looked like a mermaid on land. Hahaha!

Love. This. Dress. I loved the way it fit and it made me feel beautiful.

And so with my super glam team behind me, all that was left to do was to somehow get it together and not hyperventilate.

Photo credit: Daniel Tan

Photo credit: Daniel Tan

This must have been taken while I was out-of-body-ing. I’m still not sure it all really happened but there are pictures so I guess it did.

So that’s the beauty story behind this (life) event and I thank everybody so much for getting me through that night. I also wanna thank Sydney Go of Nippon Esthetics for the Bohk Toh False Eyelashes. You can check out all the styles and get more info on the website. When you do, have a look at the White Ginger Hand Care Kit, too.


My hands get pretty dry so I try to moisturize as much as I can but I end up doing that only before bed because it feels too sticky during the day. Not anymore! The lotion in this kit is a new favorite that I can slather on anytime for soft (not greasy!) hands. And it all smells so good in a non-cloying way, thank gawd! I’m so glad they’re all small enough to bring everywhere.


The kit comes in a cute pouch so if you’re looking for a gift, this would be lovely.

More beauty posts coming soon! In the meantime, really awesome beauty finds await you at the Nippon Esthetics website (I’m barely scratching the surface here, really!) so click, go forth, and beautify.


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