Dining Out

Dining Out: Señor Pollo

I was in Makati about a week ago to check out a photo exhibit and decided to do dinner with a friend in the neighborhood, the neighborhood being the very trendy and happening foodie scene that is the Burgos, Makati area. I guess the hipster feel here explains the nickname ‘Williamsburgos’. It’s all very unexpected and refreshing, a welcome change of pace in this infamous red light district.

I had heard good things about Señor Pollo and had seen the place packed but I went in with expectations at bay – I had heard the same about sister restaurant El Chupacabra nearby, saw the ridiculous lines myself, tried the food and was pretty disappointed not for anything but because the food (which was fine) just didn’t live up to the hype.

I thought the place looked delightful though so things were off to a good start.


Señor Pollo is vibrant, colorful, and fun. I really dig the friendly neighborhood hangout vibe.


That’s the aforementioned friend Choob checking out the artsy-festive-industrial look of the place. Cute! (The place.) (OK, you too Choob.)


This probably refers to roasting or the spicy items on their menu but this night was one of the most humid ones this year and it was raining, a really unfortunate mix of sweltering heat and a hint of a breeze that didn’t quite do anything for the uncomfortable stickiness. I think it may have fanned the flames if anything. I did not want to give heat a chance.


Book quotes on a wall. Those are always nice. This one reminded me of the time I read One Hundred Years of Solitude and how it really felt like a hundred years.


Seating like this added to the relaxed vibe of the place. There are bar stools on the other side of that counter/table. This would have been a much fresher spot on a humid night like this! But no, we took a table near the center of the joint and ordered our dinner. With beer. Please, I beg you, some cold beer.

This is the quarter Señor Pollo roast with 2 sides (P209). I chose cilantro garlic rice and jalapeño mac and cheese. Because that wasn’t enough carbs, I added an extra side of fried plantains (P40 for a regular serving). I chose Brew Kettle (P35) because it’s delicious and cheap. Like a Hoegaarden for a fraction of the price.


The spiced roast chicken was tender and delicious with the chimichurri although I wished the sauce was a little brighter. But maybe that’s just me always wanting something a little acidic when eating chicken like this. I shall try the latin coleslaw next time. Oh yes, the sides.


The cilantro-averse might shy away from the cilantro garlic rice but the herb-y flavors are subtle with garlic at the forefront. Tasty!

I love jalapeño and I love mac and cheese so the jalapeño mac and cheese had me lovey-doveying it up. This apparently is a bestseller. It’s certainly not the best-looking side but it delivers on flavor.


But the no-fail side for me is fried plantain. It’s simple and impossible to mess up. The sweetness of these plantains also makes for a yummy contrast with the spiced chicken. If you’re gonna hit up this place, plan on the plantain.


I’m assuming the namesake roast chicken here is the main draw but what I found to be even better was the chicken sisig (P195).


Crunchy bits of chicken seasoned in what tastes like the classic sisig marinade, sliced chili, a hit of calamansi, and a fried egg. This was glorious and I was glad I had some of that cilantro garlic rice to shovel this with. Would’ve gone perfectly with just beer too, of course.


Choob and I shared all this and found it to be a good-sized dinner for two and a very reasonably priced meal at that. I would’ve loved to try the fried chicken (there’s a spicy kind, oh the excitemeeeent) and the hot wings but I guess that will have to wait until the next visit. And soon!

Señor Pollo is located at 5767 Ebro St., Poblacion, Makati. There’s also a Quezon City branch at F7 Building, Scout Rallos St. cor. Tomas Morato Ave., Laging Handa. For inquiries, you can call 0917 833 1033. You can check out their Facebook page here.


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