Dining Out

Dining Out: The Bowery

I’m so happy to be part of the Our Awesome Planet Viber public chat. It’s basically like having my own food posse that keeps me in the loop of all things yummy and not-so-yummy; a roundtable (dinner table?) of foodies in the ether that is constantly available to rant and rave with me about food, to steer me in the right direction. Like yesterday when I wanted to take my friend Ron to lunch but didn’t know where to go.

That’s how I found myself at The Bowery. I totally forgot to take pictures of the place but I found that the man behind Our Awesome Planet, Anton Diaz, had some great ones on his blog so I swiped these:

bowery 1

bowery 2

Thanks, Anton!

Chef Cuit Kaufman‘s Borough, Nolita, and LES Bagels all have New York as a common denominator and this one is no different. I really dig the big windows and how they let in lots of natural light, a food paparazzo’s dream!

I was handed the brunch menu because I dined here on a Sunday and it seemed to consist of the things that the place is known for – New York comfort food. I’m not sure what makes comfort food New Yorker as opposed to American and if the menu changes dramatically during the rest of the week. I didn’t give much thought to this because I was starving and about ready to eat Ron’s shoe.

We ordered in a hurry and couldn’t dig in fast enough into this spread.


The MOC’s Sweet Chile Beaner (P280) is a salad of arugula, spinach, roasted peppers, avocado, black beans, and parmesan cheese all mingling with a sweet chile vinaigrette and a sprinkling of cilantro.


A substantial salad even without the optional grilled chicken for an additional P100.

I liked the idea of this salad more than I did the actual thing. I really enjoyed the robust hit of arugula but not so much the spinach. I find mature spinach overpowering and I would’ve preferred this with a more delicate type of green. But this was quickly to be overshadowed by the Short Rib Grilled Cheese (P580).


Here we have braised short rib with melty yellow cheddar and Monterrey Jack cheeses between two slices of sourdough bread.


This really did take me back to my New York trip a few years ago and how I was shocked by the obscenely huge portion sizes over there. And even then, maybe you won’t want to share – the braised beef is tender and tasty plus the potato chips with honey mustard are yummy, too.

Just when I was wishing there was a bit more cheese in this sandwich came the Lobster Shrimp Truffle Mac and Cheese (P1300).


Add smoked bacon on top as shown here for an additional P80.


Creme fraiche, cream cheese, mozzarella, truffle oil. You get the picture. This is rich. And maybe because it makes your wallet poor. Would I normally part with P1300 for mac and cheese? Hell to the no. But my friend Ron is going away for a while and I wanted this to be a real treat. Besides, the word ‘lobster’ in any dish is a sure sign that the price is going north. They were out of shrimp on this day though and we were charged an adjusted P1000.

This was delicious and luxurious, a glimpse into what I think Chef Cuit means by New York comfort food. My only gripe is that it was a tad too salty for me. I’m glad I had my super refreshing strawberry lemonade (P120) to help out with all that. Dammit. I need to take another look at the thing.


We were stuffed but their chocolate cake came highly recommended and I couldn’t leave without trying it. Oh, what am I talking about. I have a separate stomach for dessert.

Behold, The Bowery’s Death by Chocolate (P360).


This may appear like a rich and moist but nevertheless average chocolate cake at a glance but it’s anything but. Here on this plate are seven different chocolate components – chocolate crumble, mocha meringue, chocolate brownie cake, chocolate truffle cake, dark chocolate mousse, chocolate buttercream, chocolate ganache. Seven if you don’t count the cacao nibs for garnish!


It’s as rich and fudgy and chocolate-y as it looks with textures ranging from silken t0 crunchy. It will take you straight to chocolate seventh heaven!

I guess with food like this any meal would feel like a bit of a celebration. It’s also easy to transition to drinks here since there’s a bar upstairs. But no matter what happens, do not get drunk off the Irish Car Bomb. You will be so hung over the next day that your hair will hurt.

The Bowery is at GF Forbeswood Heights, Rizal Dr. cor. Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. You can check them out on Facebook or call 0936 929 6073 for inquiries and reservations. 


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