Yummy Finds: Mommy Chef’s Pork Adobo


Mommy Joy dela Rosa, who puts the ‘Mommy’ in Mommy Chef’s Pork Adobo, was wondering how she can generate extra income after having a baby. Not an easy task when you’re a full-time mom! But then there was that carinderia her family used to own and the star ulam that was adobo. She decided to jar and sell her family recipe.

mommy chef collage

As jarred dishes go, I think adobo is terrific. It’s one of those things that get better as they sit!

This is a no-frills kind of adobo made with chunks of pork shoulder. It’s saltier than it is sour with a hum of garlic but no bay leaf. Mommy Joy cooks every batch right before delivery so a jar should last up to 2 months although she suggests that you eat it within a week after opening. I had it for breakfast the first time I opened mine.


I went a touch Korean with dried pollock soup and a side of kimchi.

And then I chopped the rest and put it in my grilled cheese sandwich because wouldn’t that be awesome?? I just had to drain the chopped bits on a paper towel.

Now about that grilled cheese. I was reading an article about it and saw that some people butter and toast both sides of their bread. OH MY GOD. YES. This also gives your cheese a head start on the melting process. So I did that. For cheese, I chose a soft and creamy Havarti and decided to add kesong puti for a little extra local flair. Sliced bread is from Bread Talk, their breads are so soft and milky and buttery! I mourn a grilled cheese made with thick, crunchy, crusty bread. Tear.


Make sure to keep the heat on low so your bread doesn’t burn while you build.

Kesong puti is really wet so make sure to drain and gently squeeze with paper towels. And then it’s toast lid on then flip.


I love you.

And then look!



I like a bit of sweet with my grilled cheese and it’s usually some type of jam but that’s a bit of truffle honey on right. For dipping. Or pouring.


The pork adobo is quite salty so the sweet contrast was especially nice with this grilled cheese. And the two kinds of cheese! Kesong puti is not as melty so having Havarti there was good, like it made kesong puti sing, “I’d stop the world and melt with youuuu!” Is that disturbing?


Mommy Joy also suggests that you make adobo fried rice, adobo flakes, adobo pasta. Or that you chop and sprinkle some on your salad. So many delicious possibilities in a jar! And a really great addition to anyone’s pantry. If you have a pantry. Jealous!

Each 300 gram jar of Mommy Chef’s pork adobo is P250 + delivery charge. For orders and inquiries, you can text or call 0908 787 7547. Check it out on Instagram! 


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