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In The Metro: Curated Cafe

Curated Cafe is a pop-up bazaar that fuses dessert, coffee, art, and music and is the brain child of my friends Pat, Jing, Chrissie, and Tabitha. Pat and Jing are brothers and former DJ’s who I’ve worked with in the past so while I knew that Curated Cafe had “popped up” a couple of times around the metro, this last reincarnation at the Podium was the first time I actually got to check it out.


So preeeeeetty ❤️


Even the succulents were for sale! Check out @ViaFloraPH on Instagram.


Just how cute and hipster is this Satchmi listening nook? They are more than just nifty turntables, by the way. Find out more about Satchmi here.

I could only swing by in the afternoons so I always started with coffee. I needed to get it out of the way because as much as I love the stuff and I can’t start my day without a cup, having it past lunch time makes me nervous about losing sleep that night. I know. It’s all really un-cool and geriatric. I guess I could’ve just totally passed on coffee but there were some fine selections starting with Boom’s Cold Brew Coffee & Beans.


As the name suggests, these guys are all about drawing out the flavor of local Barako coffee by steeping it in cold water. It’s a lengthy process that takes anywhere from 16 to 24 hours but the resulting brew is very smooth and is about 70% less acidic than coffee brewed with hot water. So much love! The Barako Vanilla one I tried was very smooth indeed yet quite potent; the Barako Mexican, fragrant and cinnamon-y. And in case you’re wondering, the shorter stouter bottle is a coffee concentrate that makes 4 cups of this beautiful drink. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram. And check out what I had it with!

FullSizeRender 2

Yes, more coffee. SGD Coffee as in Sagada Coffee.


I’ve never been to Sagada (shame) and I didn’t know that coffee grew there. A quick look at their Facebook page revealed that the beans are naturally grown at an altitude of 1,600 meters. It also seems they have taken up every single cause that is applicable to coffee. When I told the barista about my caffeine concern, he reassured me that Sagada coffee is naturally low on the stuff. Or maybe he was telling me about a certain low-caffeine brew. Isn’t that ironic. Sounds like I actually did need caffeine.

In any case, my cup of SGD Coffee was earthy and mild and I had it black with their delicious revel bar. See more on their Instagram.


Cookie Bar Manila had some really interesting cookie creations going on, from the stuffies you saw earlier that are so fun that they deserve a second, closer look…


…to cookie shot glasses and cookie cups!


I took home a box of stuffies and premium cups and they didn’t last long because my Mom was all over them. She loved how the cookies were soft and not too sweet. I particularly liked the premium cups because I could have 2-3 different kinds instead of committing to a single huge one plus they’re topped with classic chocolate bars! All you cookie monsters can go crazy on their websiteFacebook page and Instagram.

Perhaps my favorite find at Curated Cafe were these Brazilian truffles called Brigadeiros.


P320 for a box of 12 in classic cocoa, coconut, almond, choco vermicelli flavors.

They’re made by Aisa Atilano of AA Cake Designs and they are pretty darn delicious which isn’t surprising about truffles but with condensed milk and butter in the chocolate base, they take on an addictive caramel-y flavor and slightly stickier texture.

Optimized-FullSizeRender 2

It was all I could do not to inhale an entire box in one sitting. I lasted three days. Find out more on her Facebook page and Instagram.

Another one I really liked was The Apple Treat. How fun are these s’mores?!


The graham + chocolate + marshmallow combo will always be a classic but these new versions are exciting and delicious. I personally really enjoyed the green tea cream s’mores.


P100 per bag.

The s’mores get a little soft as they sit but they’re kind of hard to put down once you start so maybe that’s not really a concern…or maybe that’s exactly the concern har har.

We can always make s'more rooooooom.

We can always make s’more rooooooom.

The Apple Treat started out with candy apples hence the name and they still make those. Also in their product roster are Oreo and Mallow pops and loads more which you’ll find on their Facebook and Instagram.

Did you know that the Slutty Brownie is an actual thing? Me neither. Until I encountered Gina Villanueva‘s Sluttier Slutty Brownies.


P65 per square.

Apparently, the addition of chocolate chips and Oreos to a brownie makes it slutty but Gina made hers even sluttier by throwing in some salted caramel. Very. Naughty.


Fudgy, rich, expectedly quite sweet and a little salty, this is a really decadent treat for when a regular brownie just won’t do. Or if a brownie won’t do, I spotted some butterscotch bars as well. For orders and inquiries, you can reach Gina at 0917 865 1130 or

The Good Good Cookie is a healthy cookie made with peanut butter, oatmeal, and the ‘miracle tree’ malunggay also known as moringa.

Founders Cush and Madi strategically covered by their setup.

Founders Cush and Madi strategically covered by their super cute setup.

I guess it’s a health nut’s dream cookie but I assure you that you don’t have to be a healthy eating fanatic to appreciate these sweet-salty-nutty bites. And I love how I can satisfy a sweet craving with a nutritional boost!


A bit of muscovado sugar makes them sweet.

I’m on my third bowl and my only gripe is that they don’t hold together very well. I did recently start sprinkling the crumbs over my banana + chia pudding breakfast though and oh, my – good good breakfast! Follow this good good cookie on Facebook and Instagram.

I remember a friend raving about a little spot tucked away somewhere near EDSA that had really good coffee and cocktails. I understood it to be some kind of test kitchen slash lab that also entertained guests. In hindsight, I think she might have been talking about EDSA Beverage Design Group.


I didn’t realize this at the time plus I was already dangerously close to exceeding my coffee limit for the day so I opted for a non-alcoholic ginger beer instead but man, I wish I tried their coffee too!


Let it be known that ‘brightness’ is listed as an ingredient.

There was a good amount of tartness (brightness?) in this ginger beer which I really liked but I don’t think I detected the melon and anise. I think my tastebuds were also pretty shot from all the sugar that I had consumed by the time I got to this stall. I think I’m gonna have to swing by the studio soon to get the full experience including food! From what I can glean off their Facebook and Instagram, these guys mean business.

Congratulations to the Curated Cafe team for yet another beautiful and delicious pop-up! Thanks to you guys, I have started my Christmas shopping early for once in my life. Will be following you guys to see what goodness you’ll curate and put together next!


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    • Hi! This one just wrapped last week but they’ll be popping up again. You can follow them on Facebook (link in post) and Instagram to keep yourself posted 😊

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