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Hi! I'm a TV and radio host from Manila who part-times as a food paparazzo and fancies herself a foodie. Thank you for swinging by for a peek into my little life and my little loves. I'm unhealthily excited that you are here!

What To Expect When Freezing Your Eggs

I guess that’s a really misleading title on a blog that predominantly tackles food. This entry is about Kato Repro Biotech Center’s Oocyte Pick-up and Cryopreservation Program also known as egg freezing in layman’s terms. This isn’t going to be a very photogenic entry because I wasn’t planning […]

Nigella’s Vegan Chocolate Cake

I guess the word “vegan” attached to something as decadent as chocolate cake can seem like an oxymoron and even be downright off-putting to some but that’s not the case here at all so stay don’t leave meeeee. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Nigella Lawson […]