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Hi! I'm a TV and radio host from Manila who part-times as a food paparazzo and fancies herself a foodie. Thank you for swinging by for a peek into my little life and my little loves. I'm unhealthily excited that you are here!

My Mommy’s Japchae

Along with Korean beef stew and bulgogi, japchae always seems to make the list of my er, non-Korean friends’ favorite Korean dishes. It’s easy to see why – japchae is very similar to pancit so it probably feels familiar, it’s not spicy unlike a lot of Korean dishes […]

Easy Delicious Meatballs

My boyfriend Diego loves meatballs and I didn’t get what the fuss was about until he took me to The Meatball Shop for lunch while we were in New York. Located in 84 Stanton Street, the fun begins by choosing the kind of meatball, sauce, starch and side […]

Hello, Coconut Lime Jell-O!

So much pressure writing my first entry! How do you start these things so you pique people’s interests while keeping expectations at bay anyway? I guess I can start by welcoming you. Welcome to my blog. I plan to explore food here – learning about it, making it, […]