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Hi! I'm a TV and radio host from Manila who part-times as a food paparazzo and fancies herself a foodie. Thank you for swinging by for a peek into my little life and my little loves. I'm unhealthily excited that you are here!

Dining Out: Duck & Buvette

One of my favorite excuses to check out a new restaurant and order way too much food is Birthday Lunch. The celebrant: my friend Jin. The restaurant: Duck & Buvette in Shangri-La Mall. Well. It’s not entirely true that this place is new to me. I’ve been once […]

In My Kitchen: Easy Peasy Lemon Preserve-y

What I really wanted to make was something called mille-feuille nabemono. Mille-feuille, French for ‘a thousand leaves’, is a dessert that layers puff pastry and a filling. Nabemono is Japanese hot pot. I encountered the dish on a Korean cooking show and was so intrigued that I braved […]