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Hi! I'm a TV and radio host from Manila who part-times as a food paparazzo and fancies herself a foodie. Thank you for swinging by for a peek into my little life and my little loves. I'm unhealthily excited that you are here!

Dining Out: Kafe Batwan

I’ve been a huge fan of Chef JP Anglo since I caught him on the local version of Masterchef a few years back and by ‘fan’ I mean I thought he was so cute but then I actually met him and tried his food and I really am a […]

In My Kitchen: Hail To The #Kale!

I always thought kale was ridiculously expensive and/or just plain inaccessible in this country but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Two varieties (two!) have been showing up in my supermarket with price tags that aren’t rage-inducing and it makes me so very happy! I mean, […]

In My Kitchen: Overnight Oats

I just had overnight oats for breakfast and I think you should know that it’s t-oats amazing. And so easy! I love how all the prep happens the night before and then you wake up to a delicious healthy breakfast. The only problem is you might lose sleep […]