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In My Kitchen: Supersexy Kesong Puti Spread

A fan of Mikey swung by the station the other day and brought us some kesong puti. For my non-Filipino readers (hiyeeeee), ‘kesong puti’ translates to ‘white cheese’ and it’s a local soft white cheese made with carabao’s milk similar to cottage cheese. Our listeners almost always bring us […]

In My Kitchen: Smoothie Bowls

While looking for smoothie flavor combos on Instagram, I chanced upon smoothie bowls and fell head over heels for them. Not only are they gorgeous to look at and fun to make, smoothie bowls can make your smoothies a lot more filling and nutritious (sometimes in the territory […]

Mang-Glorious Sticky Rice!

It’s been ages, I know, but I had legit reasons. For one, I was struggling with a cold and horrible congestion for a couple months and when you can’t smell and taste anything half the time it’s pretty problematic in the kitchen. Good god, it felt like an […]