Dining Out: The Bowery

I’m so happy to be part of the Our Awesome Planet Viber public chat. It’s basically like having my own food posse that keeps me in the loop of all things yummy and not-so-yummy; a roundtable (dinner table?) of foodies in the ether that is constantly available to […]

Dining Out: Señor Pollo

I was in Makati about a week ago to check out a photo exhibit and decided to do dinner with a friend in the neighborhood, the neighborhood being the very trendy and happening foodie scene that is the Burgos, Makati area. I guess the hipster feel here explains […]

Dining Out: Kafe Batwan

I’ve been a huge fan of Chef JP Anglo since I caught him on the local version of Masterchef a few years back and by ‘fan’ I mean I thought he was so cute but then I actually met him and tried his food and I really am a […]