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Compost Cookies

Hey you, Compost Cookie. In my kitchen. Now. The first and only compost cookie I ever tried was in New York, at a place called Momofuku Milk Bar. As you may have figured out from the name, it’s a cookie made with seemingly random leftover ingredients but they […]

White Russian Ice Cream

Diego gave me an ice cream maker for Christmas last year and we’ve had so much fun with it since. The prospect of making my own ice cream in whatever flavor I desire is so exciting to me that I sometimes find myself up late at night looking […]

Hello, Coconut Lime Jell-O!

So much pressure writing my first entry! How do you start these things so you pique people’s interests while keeping expectations at bay anyway? I guess I can start by welcoming you. Welcome to my blog. I plan to explore food here – learning about it, making it, […]