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In My Kitchen: Pizza Eggs!!!

I personally don’t feel the need to alter pizza. Was it famed food writer Jeffrey Steingarten who wrote that pizza is a perfect food? It seems like something he would say. A man after my own heart. In any case, I echo this sentiment. I also really like pizza […]

Only-The-Best-For-You Granola

I haven’t tried a lot of store-bought granola but I can’t imagine it getting much better than the homemade version. It’s easy to make. It’s cheaper. You can be sure to use only the good stuff. You can go a gazillion ways with said good stuff to suit […]

Chicken Longganisa Egg Muffins

Here I go again boo-hooing about being home alone blah blah blah but hear me out because culinarily speaking, there is a real downside to living alone – there always seems to be too much of everything and things start to go bad. Like the vegetable crisper, for […]